About Developing Health™ U.S.

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How it works

Health centers are invited to partner through a formal selection process.

GE selects health center partners in underserved communities across the U.S., beginning in areas with significant GE populations. Then, a formal selection and interview process is used to review potential health centers based on variables and criteria that include, but are not limited to, need, community impact, leadership, willingness to partner with GE, transparency and accountability. The GE Foundation does not accept unsolicited requests for support. Because GE is a medical device manufacturer, we do not partner with health centers owned by hospitals or hospital systems. This minimizes the potential for any conflict of interest with either GE Healthcare customers or prospective customers.

GE Foundation grants fund programs to drive ACCESS to primary care.

As part of the program, GE Foundation grants funding to health centers to increase access to primary care. Specific programs are identified through a collaborative dialogue between the health center leadership and community stakeholders. Grant programs cover a wide range of areas including, but not limited to, increasing care capacity, improving the quality of clinical care, augmenting existing care areas such as dental or behavioral care.

Local GE employees and retirees offer skill-based volunteer support.

The volunteer aspect of this program is led locally by GE’s Affinity Networks and employee groups, including the African American Forum, Asian Pacific American Forum, Hispanic Forum, GLBTA, Veterans Network and Women’s Network. The local team partners with the selected health centers to identify opportunities for skills-based volunteering that will leave a lasting and meaningful impact on the community. Projects span a number of areas including process improvement, increasing operational efficiency, marketing outreach, and enhancing the client experience.