The GE Foundation is donating $2 million to launch a coalition led by Partners In Health and Last Mile Health to help fight the largest Ebola outbreak in history. The coalition will train, equip and support 500 health professionals across 47 primary health centers in Liberia and Sierra Leone, establish two Ebola treatment centers and support 800 community health workers in reaching residents in 500 villages.

Image credit: Last Mile Health

At the GE Foundation, we are building a world that works better. Through our health programs, Developing Health Globally™ (DHG) and Developing Health™ U.S. (DH US), we are improving access to quality healthcare in underserved communities.

We empower people by developing valuable health skills, and we equip communities with the technology and expertise to improve healthcare. Through our unique resources—our people, our expertise and our technology—we are increasing access to critical healthcare and building capacity that will have a sustainable impact in our communities and the world around us.


health centers supported by Developing Health across the U.S.


facilities supported by Developing Health Globally worldwide.