Gift Matching Process

Note that GE Donor should first make donations directly to a charity. The Matching Gifts system is for registration and reporting only, not for making donations.

A. Register your Gift with the GE Foundation

  1. After first making your donation directly to a charity, go to the GE Foundation Matching Gifts website ( to register for matching.
  2. Click on the “GE Participants” button to log in using your GE SSO ID and password. You will need to select the appropriate recipient organization, and enter the amount, type and date of your gift.
  3. You will have the ability to print a confirmation of your gift registration.
  4. Gifts made within a particular calendar year must be registered by the donor by the following April 15.

Note that gifts may also be registered by phone using a valid GE SSO ID by calling the Matching Gifts Customer Support Center (1-800-305-0669). Questions may be directed to the Customer Support Center at this same number or by e-mail to

B. Gift Confirmation

  1. The recipient organization must log in and confirm receipt of a gift within 12 months of the donor registering the gift (the organization may take this step as soon as the gift is registered). Confirmation takes place within the Matching Gifts website. Note that the recipient organization must also confirm compliance with eligibility criteria and Program guidelines upon logging into the system.
  2. Once confirmed by the organization and subsequently approved by the GE Foundation, a gift will be recorded as eligible and matched.

C. Matching Payment Distribution

  1. GE Foundation matching gift checks will be sent directly to the recipient organization.
  2. Payments will be made on a quarterly basis unless otherwise noted.

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