GE STAR Awards


GE Foundation established the GE STAR Awards program in 1984 to provide competitive student scholarships to children of eligible GE employees and retirees worldwide to help meet first-year higher-education expenses. The winners are chosen based on academic record, extracurricular activities, community service, and personal experiences and goals described in a written statement. Winners also select a teacher from their current high school or secondary school to recognize and guide the use of an award to the student’s school.

Recipients attending a four-year college are awarded $3,500. Recipients attending a two-year college are awarded $1,500. Secondary school students receive $500.

In 2012, 297 students were awarded a GE STAR Award, including 280 in the four-year college category and 17 in the two-year college category. Applications were received from 42 countries, and every GE business was represented. The GE STAR Awards are administered by the Institute of International Education, an international nonprofit educational exchange organization.

This program has specific eligibility requirements, is offered at the sole discretion of GE Foundation and is not part of employee benefits. If you are a GE employee interested in learning more about GE STAR Awards, please visit (for employees only). If you are a GE retiree, please visit the GE Benefits website (for employees and retirees only).

To apply, please visit