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How it works

The Developing Futures™ in Education Program supports high-impact initiatives that improve the equity and quality of K–12 public education in the U.S. Together with our partners, we work to give more students a solid educational foundation and the requisite skills to compete successfully in the global economy.

Launched in 2005, the Developing Futures™ program has focused its work in seven urban school districts, home to significant GE businesses. In Louisville, KY.; Cincinnati, OH; Stamford, CT; Erie, PA; Atlanta, GA; New York City, NY; and Milwaukee, WI, GE employees play a critical role helping educators to accelerate change and foster a culture of collaboration, innovation and accountability to improve student achievement.

The spark behind this initiative has been applying the same processes and ideas that have made GE a successful corporate enterprise to school districts in need of change. Our focus has been on collaboration, accountability, a robust management structure adapted to the needs of the local community. The initiative has also allowed for the sharing of best practices, piloting ideas, and networking among the seven districts, creating a synergy of improvement and innovation while at the same time tailoring efforts to the specific issues in each location. Overall, our work has helped students prepare for the college-and career-readiness.

The Developing Futures Program has invested more than $250 million and 1.6 million volunteer hours to support student achievement and professional development for teachers in K–12 public schools across the U.S. In addition, the GE Foundation regularly convenes business leaders and educators to share best practices and drive impactful partnerships in education across 27 cities, 42 states, and 5 countries.



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Programs and Impact

The Developing Futures in Education Program has led to significant improvements in student achievement and has reached more than 10,000 teachers and 1.3 million students across more than 2,000 K–12 public schools. The initiative has also saved the districts more than $20 million.

In April 2013, an independent evaluation of the program by the Consortium for Policy Research in Education (CPRE) reported that the GE Foundation’s efforts significantly contributed to improvements in student mathematics test performance across the partner districts.

Since the start of the Developing Futures in Education Program, Jefferson County Public Schools, in Kentucky, achieved a 21-point gain on 8th grade student mathematics assessments. Cincinnati Public Schools achieved a rank of 13th out of 609 school districts in Ohio in student achievement, becoming the highest-ranking urban district. In addition, the Stamford Public School District in Connecticut has seen significant gains in student math and science scores and has cut the achievement gap by more than 20 points. Learn more about the impact of the Developing Futures Program on the GE Foundation map.


Focus Areas

Preparing students for college and careers

Accelerating Professional Development for Educators

Driving student achievement in STEM

Building Partnerships among Business Leaders and Educators


Despite all-time highs in graduation rates, significant education gaps still persist. Together with our partners, the GE Foundation is helping to increase opportunities for students to attend college and lead successful careers by better preparing them for post-secondary education.

Since 2005, the Developing Futures program has dedicated resources and corporate expertise to train administrators and teachers across school districts and expand access to programs like Advanced Placement that prepare students for success in their pursuit of higher education and in their careers.

The GE Foundation is an official partner of the America’s Promise Alliance GradNation Campaign. Led by America’s Promise and launched in March 2010, GradNation is a large and growing movement of dedicated individuals, organizations and communities working together to raise the national high school graduation rate to 90% by 2020 with more students ready for college and the workforce.


The GE Foundation recognizes that effective teachers and leaders are critical to students’ success. Since 2005, the GE Foundation has trained more than 10,000 teachers in the U.S. and around the world.

The GE Foundation’s professional development programs provide teachers and leaders with the skills and nationwide network they need to drive student achievement and enact system-wide improvements.

The GE Foundation helps facilitate best practice sharing across districts.  We have been recognized for our work with educators and have been able to connect educators across the US, as well as in Saudi Arabia, the United Kingdom, Ireland, South Africa and Australia.


The GE Foundation invested in the U.S. K-12 education system because there is a serious need for the growth of student achievement. 60% percent of U.S. students require remediation after high school; and the U.S. still struggles to remain competitive against peer countries, ranking 27th in Math, 20th in Science, and 17th in Reading.

Recognizing this challenge, the GE Foundation is helping build capacity for quality STEM education at the school district level. One example of progress is in the Stamford Public School District in Connecticut, which has seen significant gains in student math and science scores and has cut the achievement gap by more than 20 points. In Louisville, KY, the Jefferson County Public Schools started professional learning communities for their teachers, invested in staff development and are reinvigorating K–12 math and science curricula.


The Developing Futures program has brought together more than 1,450 business and community leaders to discuss the importance of supporting the transformation of K-12 public education in the U.S. By convening education experts and business leaders, the GE Foundation facilitates solutions-oriented conversation, while underscoring the need for effective partnerships between business and education. The GE Foundation holds monthly calls with more than 200 business leaders to keep the conversation going year-round.

The Developing Futures in Education Program helps prepare students for college and careers, accelerates professional development for teachers, drives student achievement in STEM, and helps build strong partnerships between business leaders and educators. Explore the tiles above to learn more.


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