Developing Futures™ in Education


For more than 50 years, the GE Foundation has invested in education programs based on a fundamental premise: a quality education ushers in a lifetime of opportunity and helps build a strong, diverse citizenry able to work and live in an increasingly competitive world. The GE Foundation’s Developing Futuresin Education program addresses this education imperative by supporting high-impact initiatives that improve the equity and quality of public education to ensure that young Americans are prepared for careers in a global economy. Successful implementation of the Common Core State Standards for College and Career Readiness is the next step to achieve this end.

Our mission

To apply proven GE business practices to accelerate change and foster a culture of collaboration, innovation and accountability in support of the Common Core State Standards for College and Career Readiness.               

Our Goals

National: To build support among the public and private sectors to ensure that all students are college- and career-ready.

State: To promote and support the successful implementation of College- and Career-Readiness Standards and assessments.

Local: To utilize our experience and share best practices from leading districts to accelerate change and scale up college- and career-readiness reforms through a culture of collaboration and innovation.