How We Make Grants

GE Foundation works with hundreds of nonprofit organizations worldwide that share our passion for making a difference.

Advice for Grant-Seekers

Please note that the GE Foundation does not encourage unsolicited proposals. Through ongoing research in the field, the GE Foundation develops targeted initiatives and invites specific institutions and organizations to apply within those initiatives. Our capacity to review unsolicited proposals is extremely limited. For more information on the GE Foundation programs, please visit: Health, Education, Skills & Entrepreneurship, Public Policy and Giving Programs.

Resources for Grantees

1.1 Grantee requirements

Impact Report

Impact reports must be submitted through the online grant system of the GE Foundation. Grantees will be notified by e-mail when impact reports are available and due.


When publicizing a GE Foundation grant in press releases or other media, or if using the GE Foundation logo, please follow the Communications & Media Guidelines below.

Budget Changes

Increases or decreases of more than 15% in any single budget line require program manager approval. E-mail a request to your program manager, describing the following:

  • The budget line that needs to be increased and by how much
  • The planned use and rationale for those additional funds
  • The line from which the funds would be transferred
  • The impact on the activities originally supported by the line that is to be reduced
  • Any specific addressee to whom approval needs to be sent and the format required (e-mail, hard copy, etc.)

Grant Extensions

If you require an extension of your grant period, e-mail a request to your program manager, including the following:

  • The amount of funds that will remain at end of original grant period
  • The reason funds were not expended by the original end date
  • The budget and activities to which the carryover will be applied
  • The requested new end date
  • Any specific addressee to whom approval needs to be sent and the format required (e-mail, hard copy, etc.) 

1.2 Communications & Media Guidelines

The GE Foundation strongly encourages grantees to publicize grant awards, grant-supported activities and program impact and outcomes. We believe this creates a win-win for all involved—providing visibility, momentum and sharing of best practices and lessons learned. We encourage use of both internal and local/national media.

Please follow these guidelines when publicizing GE Foundation–related activities or using the GE Foundation logo in any form.

GE and GE Foundation Review

All materials must be reviewed by GE communications staff before release. Please contact the communications/PR staff at your local GE operation in advance of any press release, article or event. We can also offer assistance, quotes, speakers or background on GE Foundation initiatives. If your local GE contact is not known or is unavailable, please contact

“GE Foundation” Not “GE”

The GE Foundation is legally separate from the GE company, and grants must be attributed properly (e.g., “Organization X Partners with GE Foundation to Launch Education Initiative”).

Boilerplate Text

The below text should be included at the end of all press releases:

The GE Foundation, the philanthropic organization of GE, is committed to building a world that works better. We empower people by helping them develop the skills they need to succeed in a global economy. We equip communities with the technology and capacity to improve access to better health and education. We elevate ideas that are tackling the world’s toughest challenges to advance economic development and improve lives. The GE Foundation is powered by the generosity and talent of our employees, who have a strong commitment to their communities. We are at work making the world work better. Follow the GE Foundation at and on Twitter at @GE_Foundation.


GE Foundation logos may be used with permission. Please reach out to to request a logo file. If placing the GE Foundation logo on your website, please link the image to


For websites developed with support from the GE Foundation, the home page or lead page of a section supported by GE Foundation should include the GE Foundation logo and the text “Sponsored by the GE Foundation.”

When the user clicks on the tagline and/or logo, the below text should appear:

This website is made possible in part by a grant from the GE Foundation. For more information on the GE Foundation, visit [Grantee Organization Name] is solely responsible for the operation, contents, privacy and security of this website and its compliance with applicable law and regulation.

For websites that simply acknowledge the GE Foundation’s support for an organization as a whole or a project that is not a website, include the name “the GE Foundation” and/or the GE Foundation logo (see Logos section above), and link to the GE Foundation website at