About GE Foundation

The GE Foundation, the philanthropic organization of GE, works to solve some of the world’s most difficult problems. With its partners, the GE Foundation focuses its efforts in the areas of health, education, the environment and disaster relief. The GE Foundation also supports GE employee and retiree giving and involvement in GE communities through employee programs such as the GE Foundation Matching Gifts Program and GE Volunteers.

Developing Futures™ in Education

The GE Foundation recognizes the urgent need to improve student achievement and college and career readiness in the K–12 public education system. Since 2005, the GE Foundation has committed nearly $200 million through its Developing Futures™ in Education program to improve student achievement in seven targeted U.S. school districts—Louisville, Ky.; Stamford, Conn.; Cincinnati, Ohio; Erie, Pa.; Atlanta, Ga.; New York, N.Y.; and Milwaukee, Wis..

The Developing Futures™ in Education program led to significant improvements in student achievement and district management capacity, and has prepared each district for the successful implementation of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS), a state-led initiative that sets common, rigorous expectations for all students in literacy and mathematics.

The GE Foundation supported the creation of the CCSS through grants to leading organizations such as the National Governors Association, Student Achievement Partners (SAP) and Achieve.

The GE Foundation continues to serve as a leader in the implementation of the CCSS and common assessments at the local, state and national levels—sponsoring training programs for 1,500 educators, and advocating for support from the public and private sectors.

Key achievements since the inception of Developing Futures™ in Education include:

  • Jefferson County Public Schools achieved a 14-point gain on mathematics student assessments, compared with an overall state gain of 6 points.
  • Cincinnati Public Schools achieved a rank of 13th out of 609 school districts in Ohio in student achievement.
  • Stamford Public Schools have cut their achievement gap in math almost in half. The district is ensuring that all students have access to a high-level standards-based curriculum.
  • The GE Foundation awarded Student Achievement Partners (SAP) a four-year, $18 million grant to assist states and school districts with implementing the CCSS. Since the award, SAP has developed and distributed sample exemplar lessons and tools aligned to the CCSS, and hosted x CCSS professional development Immersion Institutes for more than 1,500 teachers and principals.
  • The GE Foundation issued two publications on education reform: “College and Career Readiness: How Business Can Support Core Standards—and Help Rebuild Education,” and “The Heart of Reform: Reimagining Public Education,” a document that highlights the purpose and strategy of the GE Foundation’s domestic education programs.

Developing Health™

Developing Health™ is a GE Foundation program that provides grant funding and GE employee volunteer support to nonprofit health centers across the United States with the aim of increasing access to primary care for underserved populations. Launched in 2009, Developing Health reaches more than 1 million people through 85 health centers in 25 cities.

GE teams volunteer their time and expertise to help health center staff identify areas for operational improvements and better clinical care, with the goal of increasing a health center’s capacity, such as: planning, training, efficiency programs, marketing, IT, finance and HR.

Program outcomes to date include:

  • In Atlanta, one partner was able to grow its diabetes program 30% in less than one year. Additionally, the local GE team developed customer-service training that has been deployed at multiple health centers in Atlanta and across the country.
  • In Milwaukee, dental work was provided for more than 280 uninsured clients. Local GE process experts helped improve floor-space utilization and traffic flow, creating room for nine administrative workstations and relocating frontline staff closer to client flow.
  • In Cincinnati, deployment of new asthma and diabetes care management models has attracted 30% more clients; prenatal-program support resulted in the enrollment of 130 new high-risk cases; and GE employees provided expertise to drive a billing-process-improvement project that yielded $100,000 annually in revenue, enabling a 10% increase in facility reinvestment.
  • In New York City, outreach support yielded 13,000 new clients at a start-up facility, with 45% of 800 new diabetes cases now successfully under control and 168 behavioral health cases now receiving support.

Developing Health Globally™

Developing Health Globally™ is a GE Foundation program that improves healthcare delivery for some of the world’s most vulnerable populations. Launched in 2004, the program achieved early success, and to date it has improved healthcare access in 16 countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America and Southeast Asia.

Developing Health Globally™ focuses on maternal and infant care, trauma and surgical care, safe water, and biomedical repair. GE partners with ministries of health to identify public hospitals and clinics most in need, and to provide tools, technology and training to upgrade these district- level facilities.

GE employee ambassadors nurture hospital relationships and help build accountability into the system.

Program outcomes to date include:

  • In Rwanda, biomedical training programs have helped instill technical knowledge of basic medical-equipment management, troubleshooting and repairs at the local-hospital level. As a result, improvements in problem resolution (+25%) and equipment downtime (-35%) were observed across 32 district-level hospitals.
  • In Ghana, the GE Foundation has invested in clinical training in trauma care and emergency medical practices to build human capacity. Together with training in the proper use of ultrasound and vital-signs monitoring, emergency care has been transformed in settings like Kintampo Hospital—where increased emergency department capacity (+10%) and reduced wait time (-40%) are early indicators of improvements.
  • In countries such as Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and Cambodia, GE has donated anesthesia equipment, ventilators, patient monitors and oxygen-producing equipment to transform surgery practices and improve patient outcomes.
  • In East Africa, clinicians report improved monitoring and anesthesia-dosing capability, faster patient recovery time and greater confidence in overall anesthesia management. In addition, an average yearly cost savings of 20% has been realized in district hospitals that are now capable of producing oxygen.

Employee Programs

  • Total gifts in 2011 reached $35 million, contributed to more than 10,000 charitable agencies.
  • United Way—GE employees and retirees support more than 500 United Way agencies throughout the United States. In 2011, total giving amounted to more than $26 million: $17.5 million from employees and $8.8 million from GE Foundation, which places GE among the top United Way supporters.
  • GE STAR Awards—This GE Foundation program recognizes the children of employees and retirees around the world for their outstanding achievements by providing financial support toward their first year of college. In 2012, 297 students received GE STAR Awards.

Disaster Relief

When a natural disaster strikes, the GE family plays a role in responding. Resources and employee support are mobilized to assist the affected communities. In many cases, GE is in a unique position to address the particular needs created by natural disasters, as our capabilities include technology, expertise and products in areas such as energy, water, lighting and healthcare.

The GE Foundation generously matches GE employee and retiree gifts to eligible disaster-relief organizations such as the International Red Cross, UNICEF, AmeriCares and Save the Children. It also grants aid to relief organizations proactively on an annual basis and in response to emergency situations. For example, GE is a member of the Annual Disaster Giving Program that enables the Red Cross to respond immediately when and where the need arises.

Recent examples of GE Foundation disaster-relief efforts:

Superstorm Sandy—October 2012

The GE Foundation donated a total of $5.8 million in support of Superstorm Sandy relief-and-recovery efforts in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, including $4 million given to the Robin Hood Foundation to support longer-term housing, physical and mental health services, food banks, and local economic recovery for hard-hit communities.

Japan Earthquake and Tsunami—March 2011

The GE Foundation pledged $10 million in cash, equipment and services toward relief. Additionally, GE employees from 41 countries pledged more than $1 million in cash to disaster-relief organizations associated with the Japanese earthquake and tsunami. With the GE Foundation Matching Gifts, the total surpassed $2 million.

Pakistan Flooding—July 2010

The GE Foundation awarded $1.25 million in total to relief organizations: $250,000 was given to the International Rescue Committee and International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent in support of immediate relief efforts; the additional $1 million was awarded to the World Food Programme to provide much-needed food relief amidst looming concerns over food shortages in the region.

Regional Programs

GE Foundation funds initiatives that reduce disparity in, improve the quality of, and increase access to education, and that increase skills-building to ensure sustainable infrastructure development. Current initiatives include English-language education programs in the Middle East; girls’ education programs throughout Africa; an Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) Academy in China; and a Medical Best Practice Exchange program in Ghana.

Public Policy

GE Foundation funds initiatives that enhance public policy dialogue by encouraging constructive dialogue with key stakeholders. This involvement helps GE Foundation identify and learn about the next generation of policy issues in order to work toward effective solutions to significant policy dilemmas.


Deb Elam
President, GE Foundation

Total Giving

In 2011, the GE family—including businesses, employees, retirees and the GE Foundation—contributed more than an estimated $198 million to community and educational programs, of which more than $100 million came from the GE Foundation.